How to Build a Dashboard

Cube.js Developer Playground has one more feature to explore.

Let's go to the "Dashboard App" tab where you can generate the code for a front-end application with a dashboard (big surprise!). There's a variety of templates for different frameworks (React and Angular included) and charting libraries there but you can always choose to "create your own".

Alt Text

Let's choose "React", "React Antd Dynamic", "D3", and click "OK". Just in a few seconds you'll have a newly created front-end app in the dashboard-app folder. Click "Start dashboard app" to run it, or do the same by navigating to dashboard-app and running:

npm run start

Believe it or not, this dashboard app will allow you to do what you've already tried. On the "Explore" tab, you can create a query, tailor the chart, and then click "Add to dashboard". On the "Dashboard" tab, you'll see the result.

Alt Text

Impressive? We'll go further than that, so open your window blinds! ✈️